Brigantessa Southern Italian Restaurant –  1520 East Passyunk Ave.  Philadelphia

Our menu draws on our experiences in the South… pizza mastery in Napoli, dishes redolent with cinnamon and citrus in Sicilia, hot chilies in Calabria, robust Aglianico wines from under the Vulture Volcano in Basilicata, seafood dressed in bright olive oil in Puglia and grilled lamb across Abruzzo and Molise. Brigantessa is a “forneria,” an eating place centered around a wood-fired oven (in our case a Gianni Acunto oven, the best in the word, handmade in Napoli with ash from the slopes of Vesuvio) where we produce not only authentic pizza Napoletana but also baked pastas, meats and fish. The kitchen also features a wood-fired grill for meats and other dishes. Like the regions we try to honor and the neighborhood we call home, Brigantessa is welcoming, unpretentious and proud of what we produce. We look forward to making you feel a casa tua.